In this woodworking project, we will show step by step how to make three types of bow tie connections with our own hands. Such a connection is used in the manufacture of live adge table and epoxy resin tables , as well as in various solid wood furniture, diy benches, diy chairs and chests of drawers. For the first joint we make a bow tie jig from MDF, which we cut at 8 degrees, after that we cut out the bow tie itself. Our next step is to mark and cut out a place for a bow tie with a router, after the router it to fix it all with a chisel and you can glue the bow tie.
The next type of connection is called an intersection. In order to make it, first we take two walnut strips and glue them together. After that, we draw it on the workpiece and, as in the first case, we pass it with a router and fix it.
The third connection is at first glance a simple plank, but so that the wood does not crack, we will fix two dowels on the plank, which will hold and prevent cracking of the slabe.