Crazy table build that was potentially beyond my woodworking ability.
Epoxy workshop [w/ *Bonus*]:

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Items used in this build:
Black Forest Ceramic:

Black Forest Ceramic Finishing Kits

Mafell Track Saw:
Festool Track Saw (TS55):
Chisel Set:
C Channels:
Threaded Inserts:
Black Glue Sticks:
Fill Sticks:
Miter Saw:
Roundover Bit:
Soft Sanding Pad:
Furniture Bolts:
Sandpaper Storage:
West Epoxy:
Activated Charcoal:
Black dye:
Table Top Epoxy:
Buffing Compound:
Dewalt Buffer:
Block Sander:

0:00 Intro
0:55 Live edge cleanup
2:38 Stain-free black epoxy
3:20 What do c channels do?
4:56 Tip to make better projects
6:48 Filling tiny voids in wood
10:01 How to make black wood stain
11:00 Using outside inspiration in woodworking
12:43 Preventing bubbles in epoxy
13:35 Applying tabletop epoxy
16:10 Sit-stand table base
17:20 Leveling out epoxy
20:08 Wet sanding epoxy
20:54 Buffing to a high gloss
21:23 Problem
23:21 Attaching to the adjustable base
24:01 Better than wax
24:50 Reveal