In this woodworking project, we will show you how to make a table. This will not be an ordinary table, but a two-in-one table. It will be a dining table design and …. .
And of course we will show how to make walnut table legs, and for the table top we use 20mm plywood and 0.6mm walnut veneer. We will show you how to glue veneer on plywood without a press at home.
Such a table saves a lot of space, because it turns out a game and dining table. We made the grid for the table from maple veneer . It worked out pretty well, in our opinion. In the manufacture of legs, we used dominoes and PVA glue.
Andrey made tennis rackets himself, and you can see the production itself on his channel.
In the next video we plan making furniture restoration . How do you like this idea. Write, I will be grateful to you.
Pleasant viewing.