Some of my frequently used woodworking jigs are the Assembly Jig and the Half Lap Joint / Tenon Jig. If you are looking for what is probably the strongest woodworking joint, you probably want to rely on the Lap Joint because it consists of half of each side of the joint kept together with woodworking glue and in every test I have ever done, the wood fails before the half lap joints. The next issue is when you are aligning your joints, how do you do that … for example in making picture frames or rail and stile doors; that’s where an Assembly Jig is perfect for aligning one corner, and if the rest of your pieces are cut correctly, they will just fall in place for gluing or pinning. Both jigs are easy to make and will give years of excellent service. These woodworking jigs are also great if you’re new to woodworking and want to learn how to make half lap joints the easy way.

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