In this video I demonstrate how to make a very simple, yet fully functional, bookcase from relatively cheap materials AND using basic tools. Then, once it’s made, I show you how you can dress it up a bit more with some custom molding and I even add a fun little secret hidden drawer! Give the video a watch to see me teach a friend of mine how to use some tools to make this great-looking bookcase for her house and then head over to my website to pick up the plans for yourself!

00:00 – Intro
01:04 – Cutting out the pieces & Prep
04:05 – Assembling bookcase frame
05:24 – Faceframe
06:21 – Bookcase back
07:40 – Bookcase top
08:07 – Fisher’s Shop plug
09:32 – Hidden drawer
12:50 – Molding
14:25 – Finishing touches
15:04 – Delivery

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