My wife asked me to build her a valet stand. Admittedly, I had no idea what this was. Apparently, it’s a place to lay out your clothes for the following day so that you can prepare your outfit. It needs a place to hang a jacket and a shirt, a place for pants, a shelf for a sweater, a drawer for undergarments, and a spot for shoes. I decided to make this piece look extra fancy and built it using finger joints with my box joint jig and some decorative bent slats in the sides. The finished product is quite possibly the prettiest thing I’ve ever made. Check out the build video and watch as this thing comes together and then just try to keep your jaw from dropping when the finish goes on.

00:00 – Intro
01:12 – Milling
02:22 – Base & Panels
02:56 – Finger Joints
05:41 – Drawer
08:59 – Back
09:47 – Side Frames
11:15 – Thin Strips
13:09 – Hanger & Mount
15:33 – Assembly
16:22 – Applying Finish
17:12 – Glamour Shots
18:38 – Outtakes


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