If you’re brand new to building cabinets and a little anxious about trying it yourself, then you might find some comfort knowing that I was recently in the very same boat! I mustered up the courage and took a stab at it and found that it’s actually not that hard if you build using some of the techniques I demonstrate. In this video, I start building a massive set of cabinet built-ins. Since the project is so large, I’ll have to split it up into multiple videos. This episode covers how to build cabinets, face-frames, and toe-kicks. Be sure to watch the second episode as well to watch me make decorative arches, drawers, shaker-style doors, countertops, and more!

Thanks to Rockler for sponsoring the video! Find out more about the products they have to offer at Here’s a list of the Rockler products I used in this project:
Pro Shelf Drilling Jig –
Corner Assembly Square –
Clamp-It Clips –
Clamp-It Square –
Concealed Hinged Jig –
Coping Sled –
Shaker Cutters –
Universal Drawer Slide Jig –
Offset Marking Tool –
Glue Application Kit –
Bench Cookies –
Knob and Pull Jig –

00:00 – Intro
01:02 – Design
02:12 – Breakdown
03:45 – Cabinet Carcasses
05:20 – Pro Shelf Drilling Jig
06:36 – Corner Clamp Assembly Square
10:09 – Toe Kicks
12:04 – Face Frames
14:04 – Wrap-up
15:02 – Outtakes

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