If you’re brand new to building cabinets and a little anxious about trying it yourself, then you might find some comfort knowing that I was recently in the very same boat! I mustered up the courage and took a stab at it and found that it’s actually not that hard if you build using some of the techniques I demonstrate. In this video, I start building a massive set of cabinet built-ins. Since the project is so large, I had to split it up into multiple videos. This episode is the second part of the series and covers making decorative arches, drawer boxes, installing drawer slides, countertops, making shaker-style doors, crown molding, installing the entire unit, and finally, putting on the door and drawer hardware.

Thanks to Rockler for sponsoring the video! Find out more about the products they have to offer at Here’s a list of the Rockler products I used in this project:
Pro Shelf Drilling Jig –
Corner Assembly Square –
Clamp-It Clips –
Clamp-It Square –
Concealed Hinged Jig –
Coping Sled –
Shaker Cutters –
Universal Drawer Slide Jig –
Offset Marking Tool –
Glue Application Kit –
Bench Cookies –
Knob and Pull Jig –

00:00 – Intro
00:36 – Decorative Arches
02:01 – Drawer Boxes & Slides
04:09 – Countertops & Shelves
05:19 – Shaker-style doors & drawer faces
09:33 – Crown molding
12:01 – Install
15:25 – Door and Drawer hardware
17:30 – Outtakes

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