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Through months of painstaking 3D modeling and prototyping, I’m proud to show you how I make Fisher’s Adjustable Desk.  This is a light-duty desk that has a surface height from 27 1/2″ in its lowest setting.  The desk can be raised all the way up to 44 1/2″ high to be a stand-up desk.  Additionally, the surface can be tilted up to be a drafting table or even further to become an easel.  There’s a small surface catch piece that can be removed, flipped, and re-secured to keep your work from sliding off the tilted surface.  There’s a total of eight different height configurations and three surface angles at each one giving you plenty of adjustment with this little desk! Check out the video to watch me make it. If you’d like to try making it yourself, head over to my website and pick up the plans!