I have a workbench that I’m not particularly thrilled with. It’s okay, but there’s a few things that I really don’t like about it. I set out to design the perfect hybrid workbench for my little shop that will not only remedy the aspects I didn’t like about my previous, but also have a bunch of additional versatile features! Check out the video to see the build and then stop by my website to pick up the plans so you can build your own!

00:00 – Intro
01:05 – Breakdown
02:37 – Legs
04:28 – Bench Frame
06:51 – Support Frames
09:05 – Trays
11:40 – Outlet
12:21 – Bench Surfaces
16:32 – Wiring
17:07 – Finishing
17:56 – Demo
19:56 – Outtakes

Thanks so much to Bessey for sponsoring the video!
Here’s a link to each style clamp I used throughout the video:
EHK Trigger Clamp Series:
K BODY Parallel Clamps:
TG Series:,-cast-jaw-bar-clamps/Medium-duty,-2K-handle
TWV and TW Series:,-welding-table/Variable-throat-depth
TW16AW19 Workbench Adaptor:

The hand plane in the video is the RALI 220N from
The moisture meter in the video is the Merlin HM9 WS13 from

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