Who knew that there was a woodworking tip using an Iron Board in the woodwork shop, people ingenuity always keeps me in awe, but making clean cuts with a hole saw is something we all can learn from, and just like cross cutting on the table saw and making the miter gauge bar slightly longer is something some may find useful, and I’m sure many of us have mobile phones that we could be using more often in our workshops too, I think this will be a popular topic in the future because there are many, many things that could be incorporated into woodworking, with apps and other stand-alone features. So, sit back and enjoy this week’s woodworking class.

Woodworking Tips by Timestamp:
– Ironing board as a Table Saw Out Feed Table: 00:37
– My custom Flip-Up Table Saw Out Feed Table: 01:35
– Using your smartphone to keep and store working measurements: 01:58
– Preventing drill bit tear-out: 02:35
– Using drill bit dust release holes for cleaner cuts: 03:14
– Table Saw Miter Gauge Extension: 05:50
– My Simple Table Saw Sled: 07:10

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