A fast paced look at the BEST woodworking tool deals and sales from Woodcraft for July 2020. This is not an all inclusive list of all the tools and various other woodworking products that they are offering for sale during the month of July 2020 but rather a few that stood out to me as great deals. Woodworking, woodturning, wood carving, and all the other avenues you can explore while working with wood can be a very expensive proposition to many. This video showing many of the great tool deals and products for sale at woodcraft for the month of JULY is my attempt to help those trying to get started woodworking not get taken advantage of or spending unnecessary money. Woodcraft is also a huge supporter of the youtube woodworking community so by supporting them you are also helping to support some of the very talented and creative woodworkers all over youtube.

Below are some of the other products I suggested;

Igaging Double Square SET $34

9 inch, quick release, Vise
Shop Fox $73
(found after video published)

Yost $99

Butt Handle Chisel Set
Narex $55

WoodRiver $50

I also make 2 videos every month highlighting Harbor Freight Tool deals and coupons. I do a video at the beginning of each month showing the Harbor Freight Inside Track Club monthly coupons and a 2nd video mid month showing only the best harbor freight coupons I can find that save more than 30% or are excluded tools from the 20% off coupon that they issue each month. So no matter if you are a woodworker, DIYer, or just a guy that likes tools, if you are on a budget or just plain cheap like me, you may want to subscribe so you don’t miss any of the upcoming tool deal videos.

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