Working with plywood has many advantages, like saving time and money, but plywood also has some unique aspects that need special attention, like joinery, now to cut plywood to avoid wood splinters, what kinds of saw blades are best in a circular saw, table saw or even a track saw and things like knowing what types of plywood are available such as sliced or rotary plywood and how to identify them, but even the species selections of hardwood and softwood out veneers is important to know and how and when to use them, there is much to know about plywood, it’s uses and how to get the best number of cuts from your sheet. We’ll also talk about plywood thickness and plywood sizes.

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0:00 – Intro
00:24 – Types of plywoods
00:55 – Rotary plywood and sliced plywoods
02:03 – Plywood core differences
02:32 – Plywood Uses
03:23 – Breaking down plywood sheets using computer or phone apps
04:31 – Using a circular saw jig to break down plywood
05:51 – Quick circular saw safety
06:19 – Selecting best circular saw blades for cutting plywood
06:49 – Selecting best saw blade on table saw for cutting plywood
07:46 – Edge treatments for plywood
08:15 – Edge jointing plywood for best results
08:55 – Plywood joinery, gluing
10:15 – Mechanical fasteners with plywood
10:43 – Attaching plywood together with screw, pocket holes nails and more
12:24 – Air Nailer detail on brads or pins
12:56 – Correct way of using nail guns with plywood
14:33 – Conclusion and Plywood Circular Saw Jig Link