There are lots of good reasons to use softwood vs hardwood in woodworking but not all are related to building furniture, when it comes to woods like Spruce, Pine, and Fir, these are more often used in building construction because they are better suited, but other woodworking items like Jigs, Shelving, Boxes even Picture Frames are fine for softwood, anything that does not have rigorous daily wear and tear, and then there is the finishing of the wood which is not necessarily an area where softwoods shine because we often try and make them look like hardwoods, but to even novice woodworkers can often tell the differences, but softwoods should not be ignored, here is where woodworkers learn to recognize different wood and where they are better suited, so don’t shy away from these woods, use them, just be aware of their unique features. I this video I’ll look at the advantages of using softwoods and we’ll also look at some wood identification and the difference between hardwood and softwood.

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